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  South Dakota Web Pages

Many state agencies have utilized our infrastructure and taken advantage of our centrally located data to create web applications to publish their data to the World Wide Web.  Using these internet-based applications users can do various things from determining the sales tax rate for an address, search for the broadband providers at a physical location and many more...

See the list below to find out what things you can do.
  • SD Bureau of Information and Telecommunications:  Broadband Coverage in South Dakota
    • Broadband web mapping application was created to display information on the availability and use of broadband services in South Dakota.

  • SD Dept of Education:  School District Identifier
    • Users can see the current school distrct boundaries and find contact information for any district in the state.

  • SD Dept of Game, Fish & Parks:  SD Public Lands
    • Users can view all sorts of information on state and federally owned lands

  • SD Legislative Research Council:   Legislative Districts
    • Users can view Legislative districts and Identify legislators by district.

  • SD Dept of Revenue and Regulations:  TaxMatch
    • Users can determine the sales tax rate for any address in the state.

  • SD Dept of Transportation:   County Road System
    • Users can view the County Highway System, Federal Aid and Functional class roads for any county in the state.  Users can also download local and state road data sets for any county in the state.

  • SD Dept of Transportation:   Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
    • Users can view the four year plan for transportation improvements. The STIP Site includes out to eight years for development.

  • SD Dept of Tourism and State Development:  State Historical Preservation office & Historical Society
    • Users can view historical structures,bridges and cemeteries in the state .

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